Charlotte Casiraghi, the face of Chanel and Gucci, is fighting a court battle at the Appeals Court in Versailles over the unauthorised use of her image by two magazines, Paris Match and the more downmarket Gala.

Princess Caroline’s elder daughter claims that the magazines’ actions were damaging to the value of her commercial image. Paris Match has already lost an invasion of privacy case over the publication of an article that included photos of Charlotte in a swimming costume on her honeymoon with Dimitri Rassam in August 2019. However, the two women are currently seeking compensation for damage to the value of their images.

In an earlier judicial round, Charlotte’s lawyer, Alain Toucas, claimed 100,000 euros in damages plus 50,000 euros for non-pecuniary damage, but this was dismissed on July 5, 2022. The case is due to be heard on appeal in March.

In her dispute with Gala, Charlotte Casiraghi argues that the publication of her image alongside photos of ready-to-wear apparel was detrimental to her image and its commercial value and is seeking 450,000 euros in damages. Beatrice Borromeo, Charlotte’s sister-in-law who had a contract with Dior, is also claiming against Gala, for 150,000 euros.

Alain Toucas asked the court to take into account the value of the two women’s contracts with the fashion houses, but only as long as the details remained confidential, a proposal that the court rejected.

It has also been argued that the commercial value of the two women’s images is related to their high profiles in the media.

FILE PHOTO: Charlotte Casiraghi on a shoot for Chanel