As part of its Extended Monaco digital transformation program, the Prince’s Government has been offering its nationals and residents a digital identity with the highest security standards for almost two years.

Monaco Telecom is now deploying, with Pineappli, a system for the electronic signature of contracts and documents for its clients.

The electronic signature, simple and fast, ensures a secure and certified signature with the same legal value as a handwritten signature, Monaco Telecom says.

The benefits for the customer and the operator are numerous: a smoother customer experience, a simplified administrative process, increased security of documents and the massive reduction of paper printing.

For the deployment of this new service, Monaco Telecom called on Pineappli, the start-up Monegasque entity which had already developed, among other things, the digitalisation of pay slips for employees of Monaco Telecom.

Martin Péronnet, Managing Director of Monaco Telecom: “The electronic signature is easier for our customers and it avoids printing contracts unnecessarily. Thanks to the development implemented with Extended Monaco and Pineappli, our solution is legally as guaranteed as a handwritten signature and technically entirely secure. It is therefore a very positive step forward, which will, I am sure, quickly become widespread in the Principality. “

Jean-Marc Riestch, Founding President of Pineappli, said: “As a trusted Monegasque service provider, we are particularly proud to have largely contributed to the first major implementation of the Monegasque electronic signature for Monaco Telecom customers. We sincerely hope that this first implementation is followed by many others in order to fully meet the objectives of the DITN and more particularly the project around the digital identity.”

PHOTO: Julien Dejanovic, Director of Digital Services, Martin Péronnet, Director-General of Monaco Telecom, and Jean-Marc Riestch, President and founder of Pineappli – © Direction de la Communication