A 60 year-old Monegasque has been jailed for six months after threatening his wife with violence.

The husband appeared in court in handcuffs after making threats against his wife, local French-language daily Monaco Matin reported on Wednesday.

While both sides employed menaces and threats, it was a text that the husband sent to his wife that led to him being sent to jail. The court heard that the text read: “Leave the house or I will kill you.”

The accused told the court that he had done things that he regretted, but the accusations made by his wife were “a tissue of lies.”

He added that his wife wanted revenge because he had spent several days with his daughter. “I am a victim,” he said. Appearing not to help his case he added that bruise marks that his wife had photographed and shown to the police were not recent but dated from November.

In his defence his lawyer said that he was responsible for the care of his 90 year-old mother.

In a final plea for clemency that defendant asked for help. “Help us. I don’t want a divorce.”

The court imposed a sentence of six months, plus an obligation to undergo medical treatment, two years probation and a prohibition to enter into contact with his wife.