The strike committee at the Fontvieille Carrefour has announced a work stoppage for 48 hours, as management has refused to meet the workers’ demands, the organisers told NEWS.MC.

“Despite five one-day strikes between October 21 and December 9, the management does not want to listen,” the unionists said.

The employees are demanding a one-off payment of 1,000 euros to help fight the recent increases in the cost of living, but the store has paid only 100 euros, they say. Most of the workers in the Fontvieille store are on the minimum wage. An increase in wages of 2.5 percent represents no more than 40 euros per month, before deductions.

The unhappy workers say that the Monaco Carrefour is more profitable than every Carrefour outlet in France and can easily afford to pay more.

“During briefings every morning, we are told that the numbers are good and some managers had already met their sales targets several weeks ago.”

The strike on Friday, December 23, and Saturday, December 24, will have a strong impact on the workings of the store, the strikers warned.