On Thursday, December 8, the Club Suisse de Monaco gathered for the traditional Christmas dinner. The venue for the prestigious event was the superb Belle Epoque-style Salle Excelsior of the Hotel Hermitage in Monaco.

Along with great cheerfulness, laughter and delicious food, the guests had the honour of hearing the Christmas speech of Swiss Honorary Consul Urs Minder.

The banquet represented the perfect opportunity for the President of the Club Suisse de Monaco, Dr Arik Röschke, to welcome and introduce new members.

The pleasant atmosphere, a unique blend of entertainment, friendship and glamour accompanied by the live-music of violins, invited the participants to enjoy the evening during and after dinner. The event went on until late night amid singing and dancing.

Forthcoming, exciting events organised by Club Suisse the Monaco in the new year include the Galette des Rois on January 12 and the Soirée Raclette on February 23, 2023.

Please visit Club Suisse de Monaco’s website for all the updates about upcoming meet-ups (www.club-suisse-monaco.com).

The Club Suisse de Monaco was founded in 1949 and is a social club that connects the local Monegasque, Swiss, and international community and unites them for events throughout and around the Principality.

PHOTOS: Top, Marcel Huber, Treasurer, Silvia Mischler, Vice-President, and Dr Arik Röschke, President, centre, Katharina Pustka (violin) and Kate Yvorra (singer)