Two new financial aid schemes have been activated by the State as the Principality aims to cut overall energy use.

As part of its commitment to the fight against global warming and to provide financial support for households and businesses, the Government is reactivating an aid scheme for the purchase of small equipment created as part of the economic recovery plan post-COVID and piloted by the Mission for Energy Transition (MTE).

One of the recommendations of the State is the installation of low-energy equipment for the most energy-intensive everyday uses: LEDs, refrigerated cabinets with doors (for shops), NF-certified inertia radiators, high-performance joinery, etc. The MTE invites you to take advantage of a subsidy capped at 3,000 euros for the purchase of small energy-efficient equipment.

A second grant bears part of the cost of replacement of old-fashioned boilers with a heat pump. More information:
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ORIGINAL SOURCE: Monaco Government Press Service

FILE PHOTO: A heat pump is manufactured in Germany Reuters