All public and private schools in the Principality took part in the “No to Harassment” day on Thursday, November 10.

This year, the focus was on micro-violence: insults, noise, and disruptive behaviour, to make pupils and adults aware of everyday violence and ways to treat it as an effective way to fight against a breeding ground for bullying in school.

The day’s activities, which included role-playing, provided an opportunity to communicate on prevention and sanctions provided for by the recent law n° 1.513 of December 3, 2021, relating to the fight against harassment and school-based violence which affirms the student’s right to a safe school environment.

At least one referent in charge of prevention and the fight against harassment and violence has been appointed in each establishment of the Principality. Anyone with knowledge of a possible case of harassment is invited to contact this referent (contact details published on the website of each school) so that the situation can be taken care of.

Each establishment is currently finalising a “prevention and fight against harassment and violence”. This plan will specify in particular the preventive measures, the procedures for reporting situations of bullying and violence in the school environment, support and supervision measures for victims, perpetrators and witnesses of acts of violence, and the educational and pedagogical measures likely to remedy or put an end to a violence at school.

All teaching and non-teaching staff have completed online training to learn more about the new law. In partnership with the Académie de Nice, personnel st schools are also trained in the “shared concern” method, known as the ‘PIKAS method’, which allows situations of violence and intimidation to be defused and dealt with.

These initiatives will be continued and strengthened to combat violence in schools and enable each student to be welcomed in a safe, serene and benevolent school climate.

PHOTO: Christine Lanzerini, Director General of the Institution François d’Assise-Nicolas Barré (at right) and Franck Fantino, Deputy Head of Establishment of the Institution François d’Assise-Nicolas Barré, Educational Director of the College (on the left) in class. ©Communication Department / Stéphane Danna

ORIGINAL SOURCE & PHOTO: Monaco Government Press Service