A visitor to this year’s Monaco Yacht Show has been sent to jail after a violent attack on a prostitute.

The 34 year-old Brazilian-Danish dual national, a company manager, appeared in court in Monaco in handcuffs, local French-language daily Monaco Matin reported.

The woman offered to take her client to her apartment in Beausoleil as he was not prepared to pay for a hotel room in top of the 500 euros performance fee. As he was a stranger in Monaco she offered to show him the way back to his own hotel.

Unsurprisingly, his version of events differed from that of his victim, but CCTV showed that he beat and kicked her and threw her to the ground on blvd. des Moulins where he grabbed her by the hair and hit her head against the pavement several times.

The dispute erupted when the young woman attempted to erase images he had taken on his telephone without her consent. She threw it to the ground when he tried to take it back from her.

Confronted by the surveillance footage the defendant admitted the offence: “I admit it, my reaction was disproportionate, unacceptable. I spent the worst days of my life in Monaco…”

His defence counsel did her best to persuade the court to impose a heavy fine, but to no avail.

The guilty party was sentenced to 12 months in jail.