Having made a name for himself at the pinnacle of motorsport, Lando Norris landed a three year contract with McLaren back in May, 2021 with a salary of six million pounds per year. So, the natural next step was to join the rest of the grid in moving to Monaco.

Work began on the Bristol-born driver’s Monaco apartment in December, 2021, and he moved to his new home ahead of the 2022 Formula 1 season, in which he currently stands in seventh place. Life in Monaco is no doubt different to that in England, but it seems that Norris is adjusting well to the Principality.

“It’s a very different life compared to England. In Monaco, for a lot of things, you pay more for the same amount,” Norris to told the media, adding that: “My flat is a lot smaller, but it’s still a nice place with a great location and a great view. It’s a lot smaller than where I used to live in the UK, but I just needed enough space to install my simulator, my video game space and that sort of thing.”

“There are many drivers living there, I get on well with Max Verstappen and we spend time together. I also have a few friends who come to visit from time to time, we go golfing and eat out when the weather is nice, and we go out of Monaco to visit France. But there isn’t much room for them in my apartment. I can’t offer the same hospitality as before, so they have to go to a nearby hotel. But it’s still a lot of fun.”

Featured image: Lando Norris, courtesy of REUTERS/Anton Vaganov