The border between Monaco and France has been just a little bit blurred by the installation of a Monabike facility on the streets of Beausoleil.

Two more are planned for later this year. The first, with a dozen power-assisted bicycles, is just over the frontier outside the Orange store and very convenient for the market, Picard and other Beausoleil attractions.

During the first ten days, since entering service on July 20, 619 comings and goings were registered, making the station one of the most used in the whole Monabike network.

In all, the three stations and 49 bicycles will have been donated by Monaco, costing 95,000 euros. Revenue will be shared with the municipality and the upkeep of the machines will be carried out by the Monaco Bus Company (CAM), which is responsible for all the Monabike facilities in the Principality, where there are now 45 stations.

The total fleet is currently 386 electrically assisted bicycles. In 2019, 280,000 trips were recorded, rising to almost 400,000 in 2021. CAM is expecting that the total for 2022 will be between 440,000 and 450,000 single uses.