A Monegasque student bought clothes from Zara’s website to the tune of 929.38 euros using another person’s bank card.

Monaco’s Criminal Court was told that the culprit photographed the victim’s debit card while the two shared a room during a judo course in Croatia.

The 22 year-old also set up a counterfeit Paypal account using the same person’s details and his photograph.

When the crime came to light the perpetrator’s father reimbursed the victim.

The offender’s lawyer laid blame on a student lifestyle, temptation, and digital payment systems. For his part, the culprit said he had undertaken the scam because he did not want to ask to borrow money from his parents. The court heard that he had attempted similar scams but had not been successful. He apologised to his victim.

The court sentenced the student to three months in jail, suspended.