Monaco’s supercar show has long ago established itself as a showcase for new cars, 2022 being no exception. It is also a shop window for electric vehicles.

However, this year’s sensation is undoubtedly the MC One passenger drone – breaking new ground and with a fantastic local pedigree.

The eight-engined drone can carry one person for 20 minutes at a time with astonishingly fast lift-off and a speed of up to 140 kph.

Apart from its mind-blowing capabilities, the MC One is assembled in Monaco and many of its parts are very local, such as the one-piece pilot’s cockpit, made in Antibes.

Erwan Grimaud, owner of MC Clic and MC One’s developer, said that orders have already been placed and deliveries will start next year, The cost of each drone starts at 140,000.

A demonstration flight is planned from Monaco’s heliport this September.

PHOTO: Max Brodie