The Principality hosts a huge range of events, including many that are very specialist and not necessarily very sexy but which contribute substantially to Monaco’s economy.

One such is the global summit for the global auto collision repair industry, which comes to Le Méridien Hotel from June 15-17.

“Boasting a packed, three-day agenda under the “Ready. Steady. Grow.” theme, IBIS Global Summit 2022 presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity to enjoy top-tier content, meet influential speakers, and network with industry leaders from around the globe, with eye-opening sessions on how staff shortages can be tackled, the need to optimize the supply chain, the future of vehicle repairs with EV’s and new-technology vehicles, and the impact of AI on the claims journey,” the organisers say.

IBIS CEO Jason Moseley said: “We are so excited to finally deliver our flagship global summit face to face this year. It’s been a rollercoaster the last two years and to be able to see our international friends physically to celebrate over 20 years of IBIS is emotional. We have a stunning agenda and location to kick us off again, which we know will create an awesome environment for worldwide collaborative discussions.”