The Government said on Friday that it wants to resolve differences with Nice taxi drivers through consultations and dialogue.

Earlier in the week the Nice drivers’ syndicate had said it would hold protests on the French side of the border, most likely involving the slowing of traffic with a ‘snail’ protest, where protestors form a procession that drives very slowly thus holding up traffic.

Needless to say, this would cause major congestion as spectators arrive to watch the Grand Prix.

The Monaco Government has been in talks with the French Embassy in Monaco and the Prefecture of the Alpes-Maritimes in order to find a balance between the expectations of French professionals and the preservation of the legitimate interests of Monaco’s own taxi drivers.

“The Prince’s Government could only regret that a promising start to the tourist season in Monaco as on the whole of the Côte d’Azur, is compromised by demonstrations as we all emerge from two years of an unprecedented health crisis and here is also an international conflict in Europe,” the Government said.