Local IUM student Matthew Ciaccio and Monaco locals Kamil Rucinski and Sacha Savchuk have set up a fundraiser campaign to raise money for a specific set of urgently needed supplies for Ukraine.

When Matthew visited the city of Lutsk in Ukraine at the end of March, he was provided with a list of tactical and medical gear that is in short supply in the country. The fundraiser seeks to raise 5,000 euros to pay for these supplies, which have already been acquired and set aside by a pharmaceutical company that one of our team members has been working with for many years.

The list of exactly what supplies are being purchased, and how much of each are being purchased, are listed on the fundraiser website alongside a description of the transportation process. For any questions related to this fundraiser, please contact Matthew Ciaccio at Matt.ciaccio@gmail.com, or send a message on our fundraising page.”

Link: https://gofund.me/350c724d