A team of Indian students has qualified for the prestigious Monaco Energy Boat Challenge (MEBC), the Tribune newspaper in India reports.

The 13-member group from Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore, views the energy boat challenge as an opportunity to measure India’s sustainable strategy against the world’s.

“The Monaco Energy Boat Challenge (MEBC) selected only our design from India. We will ship this fully electric and solar-based clean energy boat to Monaco in two weeks. We will race our boat against popular teams from the US and Europe,” said Sanaa Mohammed, the project lead.

The annual event will take place in Monaco, the world capital of yachting, where over 20 countries, mostly from Europe in addition to America and China, will converge to create, innovate and present the future of the marine transport, the Tribune reports.

The 22-year-old says clean energy has been gaining immense attention only on roads. The marine and shipping industry is also equally responsible for global climate change crises, which need equal attention, and they aspire to fix that through their innovation.

“This group of bright students from Coimbatore has become the first-ever Indian team to qualify for the prestigious Monaco Yacht Club’s Energy Boat Challenge. They are making a solar-powered boat that will compete in Monaco in July this year,” said energy expert Siddhart Singh.