Upmarket boutique chain Zadig & Voltaire has found a suitable home in Monaco after several years of waiting for the right spot.

Now installed at 5 rue Princesse Caroline, close to the top of the pedestrianised shopping street close to rue Grimaldi, the store adds to the allure of the quarter as a shopping hotspot for women’s clothing.

Marketing Manager Selim Hankaoui told NEWS.MC: “We had to wait for the right location, and this suits us very well. Also, the size of the shop is ideal for us.”

Helping to mark the opening, Minister of Finance and Economy Jean Castellini said that the Principality extended a warm welcome to the brand, which is well-known in France. “We really wanted to make this a go-to area for shopping, and we feel that Zadig & Voltaire has a lot to offer the Principality,” he said.

Zadig & Voltaire has a store in Aix-en-Provence and other French towns plus 15 outlets in Paris, where the first branch opened in 1996. There are outlets in Milan, London, New York and Los Angeles, as well as South Korea, China and Japan. The brand ventured into men’s clothing in 2004 and children’s in 2006.

PHOTOS: MAIN, Mme Castellini, Jean Castellini and Zadig & Voltaire real estate director for the group, Romain Diochet. BELOW, Diana Fontan of Zadig & Voltaire