The construction premises of BRIG, the Ukrainian RIB builder, took a direct hit from Russian artillery during the week.

In a special statement before the strike, the company had said: “Due to the unprovoked, unjust, and illegal Russian invasion into Ukraine, we inform you that all production at BRIG HQ is temporarily ceased.

“The highest priority for us is to secure nearly 500 of our employees and help them take care of their families properly, which is not so trivial, given those genocidal warfare methods carried out by Russia.

“We are focussed on preparations for a fast return to normal or even increased production volumes, after the inevitable victory of Ukraine.

“Please keep in mind that all the international BRIG infrastructure is operating as usual, so boat owners, or as we say BRIG family members, won’t be left alone or unassisted.

“Stay BRIG, and Glory to Ukraine.”

On Friday, the following statement was issued by BRIG distributors in France, addressed to boatyard managers, suppliers, other boat distributors and colleagues:

“We have the regret to inform you that the Ukrainian boatyard BRIG has been bombed this last week. Like you perhaps know, the BRIG yard is situated near Kharkiv, very close to the Russian border. Luckily there were no people in the yard, but the material damage is big.

“Today most of the BRIG employees that are not fighting, fled away from Kharkiv, have no homes, and have a hard time to sustain in their daily needs. The BRIG yard that until now used all its funds to pay their salaries to at least make sure they find a roof above their heads and food. But with no turnover since the beginning of the war, they arrived now at a point where they can’t help them anymore.

“With worldwide BRIG importers, distributors, owners, and friends we created the BRIG FAMILY foundation to help the refugees.
But now we realise that the BRIG employees who stayed in the Ukraine, even need more help than the refugees that are taken care of.

“Therefore, I ask you, as BRIG France and other BRIG distributors, for the BRIG FAMILY foundation, • If you feel solidarity with the UKRAINIAN Yard in Kharkiv, • If you want to help their employees to survive the war and help the yard to start up as fast as possible again as soon as the war is over. • If you want to show you are behind these people that fight a war for all of us!

“Then please send a donation, one time, or an amount every month as long as the war lasts, with the details below.
By Internet: or by Bank-draft: Banque LCL, Cours Mirabeau, 13100 Aix en Provence, BRIG FAMILY FOUNDATION, IBAN: FR25 3000 2028 3100 0023 2663 C86, BIC: CRLYFRPP

“If you send funds, please inform also by mail (at the internet link above) since it is sometimes very difficult to find out who has sent funds. And we want to keep you updated about what happens.”