On Wednesday, April 13, the Netherlands seized a further six yachts believed to be linked to Russian owners, the maritime press reports. Last week 14 yachts were seized by the Dutch authorities in keeping with EU sanctions against named oligarchs.

Meanwhile, one of the two largest yachts belonging to Roman Abramovich has been expelled from the port of Bodrum in Turkey and is now sailing in the Aegean Sea.

The 140-metre Solaris was forced to leave the port of Bodrum by its UK operator, Global Ports Holding, in order to comply with UK sanctions against Russia and Abramovich individually. Global Ports Holding would have risked legal action if it took port or other fees for hosting any vessel linked to Abramovich.

Abramovich’s 162.5-metre Eclipse is in the port of Marmaris, also in Turkey, where the ownership is not bound by Russian sanctions.

Turkey has been a favourite bolthole for oligarchs following the imposition of sanctions as it has taken a largely neutral position during the war between Russia and Ukraine. The country has not closed its airspace to Russian aircraft and direct flights continue to and from Moscow.

FILE PHOTO: Solaris Reuters