The Princess Grace Hospital Centre (CHPG) has hosted a technical visit marking its entry into the Mon restaurant Responsable® approach to waste, its sorting and reduction, and to the use of seasonal foods.

By becoming a member of the network, the CHPG strives to promote its best practices and find new areas for improvement. Having been committed to a sustainable development approach for more than 10 years, CHPG has already implemented several policies, particularly within the Hotel/Catering department.

Mr Mari, Chief Hospital Engineer, Hotel and Food Policy Officer at the Marseille University Hospital and Deputy Chairman of the Restau’Co network for the PACA and Corsica regions, came to Monaco to share his expertise.

Next June, CHPG will take part in a public commitment session, officially marking its entry into the process. It will become the first establishment in the Principality, as well as the first hospital centre in the PACA region, to obtain the Mon Restau Responsable® participatory guarantee.

The association is already a partner of the Department of the Environment on the Commerce Engagé and Restaurant Engagé labels

ORIGINAL SOURCE & PHOTO: Monaco Government Press Service