Monaco’s elected body reacted with enthusiasm to the announcement on Friday afternoon that pandemic regulations are being relaxed.

In a statement, the Council said that the decisions meet the expectations put forward at the last meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee on February 23. The committee includes Council representatives and the Prince’s Government.

“All of the measures restricting freedoms and undermining economic activity were only justified by a parlous health context. However, the health indicators are constantly improving and the Monegasque hospital situation is now perfectly under control.”

The end of compulsory mask-wearing in schools was particularly welcome.

“In addition, the abolition of the Health Pass set for March 14 to access restaurants and shows, both for customers and staff, will be welcomed with relief by Monegasques, residents and employees of the Principality.”

“All Monegasques, Residents and employees of the Principality will welcome the lifting of these exceptional measures. This is a decisive step towards a return to normal life long awaited by the entire population and by all the businesses in our country.”