The Parish of St Elena Russian Orthodox Church in Monaco issued a press release on Monday drawing attention to the fact that the church is multinational, united by God.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, the full text of the press release is here, translated from Russian:

“Dear brothers and sisters! The last few days have been a huge stress and source of anxiety for us. The events in Ukraine gave rise to fear and bewilderment in us. How to live further?! Despite the ethnic problems of this conflict, let’s remember that first of all we are brothers and sisters in Christ! Our parish of the Church Abroad in Monaco is multinational. There are Russians, and Serbs, and Romanians, and Ukrainians, and Greeks, and Bulgarians, and Lebanese, and young Monegasques here. But, we are all united by Christ God.”

“Sincerely experiencing the bloodshed and horror of the war, we, on behalf of all the organisers of our parish “St. Elena Tsaritsyna” we call on you to pray to God for peace and justice! Let the thunder of guns subside and hatred stop! Let Love and Truth reign! May the main thing for all Orthodox (adherents) be not economics and politics, but faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever!”

The Russian Orthodox Church in Monaco holds its services at St.Paul’s Anglican Church, 22, av de Grande-Bretagne Monte-Carlo,


PHOTO: St. Paul’s Church, home to Anglican and Orthodox Christians