Certain regulations relating to coronavirus will be lifted from Monday, February 28, the Monaco Government announced late on Friday, February 25.

Thanks to an improvement in the health situation in the Principality, masks will no longer be need at school during breaks and indoor sports. The Health Pass will no longer be needed “for professional work essential to the continuity of activity of a company or a public service providing essential services to the population.”

Food and drinks will be allowed in non-catering situations, for example in the cinema or at the stadium, and in coffee breaks with colleagues. Drinks will be allowed at the counter and standing.

However, the Health Pass will remain a requirement in restaurants and other businesses open to the public.

From March 5 working from home three days a week will not be required, while from March 7 masks will no longer be needed during indoor sports activities.

The Government said it is keeping a close watch on the situation and further relaxations may be possible in the near future.