Following the invasion of Ukraine, Sebastien Vettel has stated that he will not race in the Russian Grand Prix if the race goes ahead later this year.

Formula 1 said on Thursday, February 24, that it was monitoring the situation after Russian forces invaded Ukraine that morning. A statement from F1 reads: “Formula 1 is closely watching the very fluid developments like many others and at this time has no further comment on the race scheduled for September. We will continue to monitor the situation very closely.”

Four-time F1 world champion Vettel, who is also a Grand Prix Drivers’ Association director, has been one of motorsport’s most vocal figures in recent years. The German has spoken out about social issues before, but is taking a firm stance on the situation.

“In my personal opinion, obviously I woke up again after this morning’s news, shocked. I think it’s horrible to see what is happening. Obviously if you look at the calendar, we have a race scheduled in Russia,” said Vettel, before adding that “For myself, my own opinion is I should not go, I will not go. I think it’s wrong to race in that country. I’m sorry for the people, innocent people who are losing their lives, getting killed for stupid reasons under a very strange and mad leadership.”

Vettel continued to say: “I’m sure it’s something we will talk about, but as I said as GPDA, we haven’t come together this year. My decision is already made.”

The Russian Grand Prix is scheduled for September 25 at the Sochi Autodrom.

Featured image: Sebastien Vettel