As Monaco schools return on Monday, February 21, after the two-week winter holiday break, the Government has decided to reduce the period of absence for children who test positive or come into contact with positive cases.

Cases will be split into two different approaches, low risk and high risk. However, in its press release the Government did not specify what the criteria are for classification into low or high risk and NEWS.MC has not been able to discover more over the weekend.

Low-risk rules will apply to children who come into contact with a positive child, in which case he will not be automatically excluded from class unless he himself tests positive. In the event of a positive test result for the contact he or she will be excluded for seven days. However, if the child shows no symptoms during the first 48 hours he will be re-admitted to school.

High-risk rules will also apply to contact with children who have tested positive, in which case the contacts will be excluded from school and invited to take a test. If the test is positive he/she will be excluded from school for seven days unless they experience no symptoms within 48 hours. If negative, the contact case will be able to come back to school but will be required to observe enhanced barrier gestures and be tested for abnormal temperature twice a day.

In cases where parents refuse a test, the contact case will be excluded from school for seven days.

“In all cases, careful respect for barrier gestures will be necessary. In addition and in general, when a parent notices that their child has symptoms of Covid-19, they are invited not to send them to school and to consult a doctor who will indicate the procedure to follow,” the Government said.

While we at NEWS.MC has provided information in this article that is accurate to the best of our knowledge, please be aware that NEWS sarl can not accept any responsibility for any misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the Monaco Government’s Covid-19 regulations.

FILE PHOTO: A child is jabbed against coronavirus Reuters