Bernard d’Alessandri, Secretary General of the Yacht Club of Monaco, has gone on the record to say that green-washing is not for him.

The long-time head of the prestigious club believes that the 11th Environmental Symposium at the Club on March 24, during Monaco Ocean Week, will establish the Principality as the global centre for environment=friendly pleasure yachting.

Taking place during Monaco Ocean Week, from March 21 to 25, the event will be focussed on owners and captains of super yachts, informing them of new solutions and how to achieve a greener future at sea.

Using two thousand litres of diesel per hour is not sustainable, Mr d’Alessandri points out. He said that banks and insurance companies are increasingly committed to checking the environmental impact of the vessels they finance and cover.

In practical terms, US authorities have imposed regulations on grey and black discharges that ban boats that don’t comply from sailing in US territorial waters.

Today, there are more than 100,000 pleasure yachts on the seas, and many are being converted to be more green. The March event is intended to give professionals and owners more insight and information about what they can do to be future trendsetters.

PHOTO: Bernard d’Alessandri, Secretary General of the Yacht Club of Monaco Monaco Government Press Service