When two men decided to do a deal in the early hours of the morning they drove to Nice to make the purchase, and then drove back to Monaco at 04:00. Not only was the driver over the drink-driving limit on their return but also in possession of several pouches of cocaine, Monaco’s criminal court heard this week.

The driver was a 27 year-old Portuguese national, a resident of Beausoleil, while his customer was a 39 year-old UK citizen who was not in court.

The court heard that the two men were spotted by police as they left a drinking establishment on Port Hercule, evidently in a hurry, at 02:45, later returning with the coke in bags.

The court in its wisdom handed down a one-month suspended sentence to each defendant, plus 500-euro fines. Each will now also possess a criminal record, one for drug trafficking and the other for possession.