Monaco’s Minister of Health has confirmed that most of the CHPG’s coronavirus patients are not vaccinated and all recent deaths were among the unjabbed.

“As for the six deaths recorded since December, none had been vaccinated,” the Minister said.

Meanwhile, Minister of State Pierre Dartout, who has been fully vaccinated and recently tested positive for coronavirus, has added his own comments.

Using language more delicate than that of President Macron, Mr Dartout said: “Inevitably, in view of this situation, we can see that we are faced with a still insufficient vaccination rate… We must do better. This is the meaning of the extension of the health pass that we have just decided: (it is) a strong incentive for vaccination.”

Monaco’s inoculation rate is 67 percent and lags behind neighbouring France, where 74 percent are fully-vaccinated.

Significantly, the older age ranges are better vaccinated, with 93 percent of over 75s fully-jabbed, and 78.8 percent of over 55s. However, all six recent victims were aged 70 or more.

The Government is hoping to increase the proportion of younger people who become vaccinated.