My Art Goes Boom invited Luo Qi and Philippe Chitarrini to present their vast artistic project AAmA – Asian, American and Mediterranean Art – at the L’Entrepôt gallery, 22 rue Milo in Monaco, from December 30, 2021 to January 6, 2022.

After a first Monegasque collaboration a month ago with the artist Philippe Chitarrini (professor at the China Academy in Hangzhou) through a solo exhibition entitled “Slick and Glossy”, My Art Goes Boom is offering a large-scale curatorial project initiated by the Chinese artist Luo Qi (professor at the China Academy) and Chitarrini himself.

The AAmA project was born in China, in Hangzhou, and took on the challenge, at the time of a global pandemic, of organising an international exhibition bringing together more than eighty artists from fifty different nations.

In this sense, AAmA transcends the boundaries of art by becoming a cultural, social and political project. By offering this exhibition in the magnificent space of the L’Entrepôt gallery, My Art Goes Boom opens new doors, a new path, proving once again that, thanks to art, everything is possible, the organisers said.

“Even if art can in no way be considered as a language, it is nonetheless a wonderful means of communication between people. And this communication, for a year and a half now, has been thwarted, hampered, or even completely interrupted. No more physical exchanges, no more circulation of works, postponed or definitively canceled events leading to dramatic consequences on the world artistic scene; the loss of certain artists, the closing of galleries, the disappearance of fairs and salons….

“We are most likely at a pivotal moment in the history of art and the history of mankind more generally. A painful period strewn with obstacles that could prove fatal to our culture. We will have to negotiate this radical turning point by being inventive, creative and innovative if we hope to continue down the path we have chosen,” said Philippe Chitarrini, Artist and Professor in France and at CAA Hangzhou.

The selection of artists presented is rich and very diverse. Beyond the constraints linked to the art market and current sanitary conditions, Luo Qi has been able to bring together, unite and motivate, thanks to new technologies. Rather than using them for the destruction and disappearance of our planet, as is unfortunately often the case, he was able to use them to solve a problem and access a renewed vision of the world around us. In this, he knew how to change the nature and the quality of our outlook on this world, our own vision of things.

“As co-curator of this event with my friend Luo Qi, I would like to particularly thank Joris Brantuas, founding artist of My Art Goes Boom and leader of the “Free Abstraction” movement for inviting us to Monaco to present this exhibition,” said Philippe Chitarrini.

PHOTO: Philippe Chitarrini