The Government reported on Monday, January 3, that Monaco’s benchmark infection rate per 100,000 measured over a seven-day period has risen to 1,270, as of Sunday, January 2. The previous week the rate stood at 938 per 100,000.

In the neighbouring Alpes-Maritimes the rate on Monday, January 3, was 1,450 and in Paris 2,646.

Of course, the infection rate is not the only important measure of the seriousness of the pandemic at any given moment. Many epidemiologists point to the importance of hospitalisation rates, and at present these tend to demonstrate that the Omicron variant is less dangerous than previous versions of coronavirus.

Thirty-six new cases of coronavirus were reported in the Principality on Monday, based on tests, while 45 full recoveries were noted.

The number of residents with mild symptoms of coronavirus, recovering at home, has fallen to 348.

Meanwhile, 38 patients are being treated for coronavirus at Princess Grace Hospital. Seventeen are Monaco residents, and one is in intensive care.

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FILE PHOTO: A man being tested for coronavirus in Germany in December Reuters