Christmas presents vary but this season the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco has made it possible to adopt your very own fish. Unlike traditional presents this one does not come with plastic or packaging.

The Oceanographic offers a selection of five different marines species which you can sponsor. The species include: Speckled Seahorse, Clown Fish, Small Fruit Bat Shark, Adriatic Pterapogon and the Jellyfish Aurélia Aurita. Each fish comes from a different region.

Prices differ depending on what package you choose with your sponsored fish. The cheapest going from 50 euros and the most expensive being 500 euros.

The benefits of adopting a fish include unlimited access to the Oceanographic Museum for one year as well as the unique opportunity of being the friend of a fish along with frequent updates on your chosen fish throughout the year.

The overall goal is to allow sponsors to engage in the fight to protect our Marine life as well as helping to fund marine protected area programs in the Mediterranean.

FILE PHOTO: Clown Fish