In his newly-published book Géopolitique du Luxe, Bruno Lavagna puts 40 issues and challenges of the luxury industry under the magnifying glass. A lecturer at the International University of Monaco, he writes about the myths and facts of luxury as a tool of diplomacy, soft power and its importance in international relations from historical, economical and political points of view.

The well-researched and documented book – in French only at the moment – includes timetables, maps and graphs to illustrate the major influences on the industry as well as dependent crafts. Géopolitique du Luxe is part of the Pascal Boniface series of books on geopolitics for understanding the world. Boniface is the founder and director of the Institute of International and Strategic Relations (IRIS) in Paris.

Bruno Lavagna is a Monegasque citizen who has worked in the luxury industry worldwide for more than 35 years, mostly with fragrances but also in yachting, fashion, cosmetics and gastronomy and is now a consultant in the geostrategy of luxury. In 2004 he established his own company, Be.Exclusive.

Géopolitique du Luxe will be presented in the presence of the author on Monday, December 6, at FNAC in Monaco at 16.30.

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PHOTO: Bruno Lavagna and Sophie de Lorenzo at the launch of the book at the International University of Monaco on November 30.