The Government believes that the number of residents who have been vaccinated against coronavirus is higher than previously reported.

Many residents travel a lot, the Government said on Saturday. Sometimes they are abroad for long periods of time and may be vaccinated outside Monaco.

“If they have not declared themselves to the Principality’s vaccination centre with the aim of requesting a health pass or having recourse to serological monitoring, it is therefore not possible to know (of) them. Thus, the vaccination coverage of residents remains underestimated by this non-quantifiable portion of residents vaccinated abroad and not declared in Monaco,” the statement read.

Those who have been vaccinated abroad will now be included in the official figures as they apply for further doses or a Health Pass, the Government said.

The Government has not been happy with the proportion of fully-vaccinated within the overall population, particularly among younger people and in recent weeks has stopped publishing the figures while exhorting more residents to come forward to be jabbed.

At present,the overall vaccination figure is 65 percent. Older and more vulnerable groups are better protected, The complete vaccination figure is 76.7 percent among 55-64 year-olds and over 91 percent among 75s and over.

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