UPDATED 13:26 with correction: The World Health Organisation says that Monaco has a rolling seven-day coronavirus positivity rate of 234.96, while France scores 184.52.

The rate of cases per 100,000 population is the key benchmark indicator of how much a national population is infected. In context, Austria has an infection rate of 1345.07 and is re-introducing a lockdown on Monday, November 22.

Other countries with very high infection rates include Slovenia, which neighbours Austria, on 1574.87, the highest in Europe. Croatia has a rate of 1265.24, Czech Republic 1161.49, Slovakia 1165.33, and the Netherlands 988.12. In Germany, where there is tough talk of at least a partial lockdown, the rate is 518.73.

The UK’s infection rate is higher, at 571.23, but is not expected to get significantly worse as the inoculation rate is high and the rollout of booster jabs has been accelerated.

Across Europe there is a clear correlation between infection rates and the proportion of the population that is fully-vaccinated.

FILE PHOTO: A coronavirus test underway Reuters