In an environment of low interest rates and high uncertainty, investors are seeking ways to gain greater exposure to alternative investments and to private markets in particular. This is the reason why CMB Monaco had the pleasure to host an exclusive event on the topic of Alternative Investments, last week at the Yacht Club, for over 110 guests.

As explained Francesco Grosoli, CEO of CMB Monaco: “while access to private markets used to be largely reserved for institutional investors, it is becoming more accessible for wealthy private individuals – and we have noted a growing interest for the topic ourselves. It transpired from our event that investments in alternatives require carefully considered and well-diversified allocation, and that they definitely can offer investors particularly interesting opportunities in the current interest rate environment.”

The evening started with a presentation of the capabilities of Cairn Capital Limited and RAM Active Investments – two companies also part of the Mediobanca group – by their respective CEOs, Nicholas Chalmers and Andrew Fraser.

A roundtable on private markets then followed, with Brent Hoberman, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the Founders Factory, Steffen Pauls, Chairman and CEO of Moonfare, and Thomas Putter, Chairman and CEO of the Ancora Finance Group. A Q&A session joined by CMB Monaco’s CEO concluded the evening.