There are early signs of European nations moving towards lockdown and travel restrictions as winter starts to bite. On Tuesday, Latvia ordered a one-month lockdown of both vaccinated and non-vaccinated persons.

In the UK on Wednesday, 49,139 new cases and 179 new deaths were reported, both down somewhat from the previous day. However, the UK’s benchmark infection rate stands at 445 per 100,000.

In France, 21 hospital deaths were reported on Wednesday. A total of 6,465 people are being treated in hospital for coronavirus.

In the Alpes-Maritimes on Tuesday, October 19, the incidence rate stood at 59,7 per 100,000, while in the whole of France it was 48.17. The last available figure for Monaco – on Sunday, October 17 – was 59.97, up from 52.15 per 100,000 one week earlier.

On Wednesday, Morocco banned flights from the UK, Germany and Netherlands over coronavirus concerns.

FILE PHOTO: The tower of Saint Peter and the Museum of the Black Heads in Latvia’s capital, Riga Wikipedia