Monaco’s statistics office, IMSEE, has reported that the use of tobacco among 16 year-olds in Monaco has declined in recent years.

However, the survey carried out before the first lockdown found that experimentation with tobacco smoking remained above the European average, although daily use is reportedly below that in the other 35 countries taking part in the European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs, which collected data in 2019.

Overall, experimentation with prohibited substances and alcohol was higher in Monaco on average, but daily use and binge drinking were lower, according to the data.

Only 12 percent of Monaco’s 16 year-olds admitted experimenting with marijuana. The results should be seen in context, as respondents were self-reporting the use of controlled or banned substances.

Very unsurprisingly, 97 percent of Monaco’s sample of more than 400 students said they used social media for more than 30 minutes each day, a figure that rose to 99 percent during holiday time.