Although I do it every day, I still get a thrill every time I undertake an international journey to buy baguettes.

Crossing the border from France to Monaco is something many of us do on frequent occasions, but the schoolboy sensation of cross-border travel never ceases to send up my back a frisson of pleasure.

Costa’s baguettes are superior to any others, in my opinion, and well worth the 200-yard stagger downhill from Beausoleil.

I have a fascination with borders in general, and this is not only an airy-fairy business but a very practical matter.

I park the family car in France, along the strip in Roquebrune that starts just past the Monte-Carlo Bay and extends as far as the Beach Club. If there is space.

Assuming I find one, I walk back to the bus stop and take the 5 or 6 back to the centre. Imagine, dear reader, my astonishment one evening when instead of coming around the corner from Sea Club, the night bus, N1, appeared from the opposite direction, from France. I have no idea why.

Which reminds me. On Sunday, September 19, bus travel in Monaco will be entirely free. This important item of information reached the NEWS.MC newsroom too late to be a Duly Noted item in Good Morning Monaco on Friday.

Needless to say, starting at zero eight hundred hours, I will be riding routes, 1,2,3,4,5,and 6, taking me to parts of the Principality that although known to me, still have their mysteries. It’s not for no reason that the top end of Monaco is named Jardin Exotique.