The huge fire west of Saint Tropez has claimed two victims, a man and a woman in their fifties. There is also concern that a 32 year-old woman living in a small hamlet at the centre of the conflagration has also perished.

The fire has rekindled in a number of places and the total area laid waste by the flames has extended to about 7,000 hectares, according to local firefighters. A dozen Canadair aircraft were brought in to fight the flames, alongside more than 1,100 firefighters. On Tuesday President Macron visited and said the worst had been avoided.

On Wednesday afternoon a fire at Gonfaron was said to be out of control. Local authorities are hoping that the winds that fanned the flames will subside, providing firefighters with more control. Aerial footage shows that flames jumped from one place to another, leaving some patches untouched.

PHOTO: Fire service handout