In light of the much-improved health situation in Monaco, the curfew is to be moved back to midnight from this Saturday, June 12. It will be lifted each morning at 06:00.

No dancing, but otherwise Monaco embraces l’art de vivre

The Principality’s restaurants, which have been hurting during evening hours, will be helped by the lifting of restrictions on who can dine. Residents of the Alpes-Maritimes and Liguria – as far as San Remo – will be welcomed again. The limit of the number of diners will be raised from six to eight, and minimum spacing between tables reduced to one metre from the current one and a half.

Cafes, bars and tea rooms will no longer have to close early. Music can make a comeback, but only up to 74 decibels. As yet, there can be no dancing,

Masks must still be worn in public places and saunas will stay closed.

Pandemic regulations will be reviewed again on June 27.