Motorists coming into Monaco from the A8 will soon have something else to worry about other than the traffic jam that awaits them, thanks to the installation of new radar towers.

Mayor of Cap-d’Ail, Xavier Beck, told a meeting of the municipal council on Wednesday evening that permission has already been received from higher authorities for a radar installation close to the Total petrol station on Avenue Prince Rainier-III (Middle Corniche). This will check speeds of vehicles both ascending and descending.

The second, at the Lequio car park, will check speeds of vehicles driving towards the A8.

The cameras will not only check speed. But also the wearing of seat belts and use of a telephone while driving.

Beck said of motorists exiting the Rainier-III tunnel: They think they are on a freeway. It will be painful when they get the bill. It will calm everyone down. It has to stop. If we need to help motorists become reasonable, we will.’

The two radar traps are likely to become a useful source of income for the French authorities.

Readers are reminded that drivers of UK-plated vehicles will not be obliged to pay penalties for driving infractions in France if the data is collected automatically from fixed posts.