Sunday 23

78th Monaco Grand Prix

The highly anticipated 2021 Monaco Grand Prix is finally upon us, with race day set for Sunday, May 23. The crown jewel in the Formula 1 calendar will witness the return of F1 motorsport to the Principality, and this year’s edition promises to be umissable.

Unlike in the Historic GP, the stands will be open to 7,500 spectators, 40 percent of the stand’s capacity. For this event, visitors do not need to be a resident or an employee in Monaco to attend, but foreign visitors will be required to bring a valid PCR test of less than 72 hours.

The race is set to begin at 15:00. To discover more about the Monaco Grand Prix, click here.

Tickets can be reserved through the Formula 1 website here.

Upcoming Events

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From May 31 until June 5 in the Grimaldi Forum. To discover more, click here.

60th Monte-Carlo Television Festival

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In the cinema this week

Unfortunately, the Cinema des Beaux-Arts has been closed until further notice as a result of restrictions in France and the curfew in the Principality. Look out for updates in future editions of ‘This Week in Monaco’.