On Monday May 10 Monaco’s Minister of State and Italy’s Minister of Labour and Social Policies signed an amendment to the General Convention on Social Security between the Principality and the Italian Republic of February 12, 1982, relating to the introduction of teleworking for employees of the Principality residing in Italy.

This agreement defines what teleworking is and lays down the principle according to which teleworkers living in Italy may be subject to Monegasque social legislation for the duration of their activity as teleworkers on behalf of a company in the Principality and vice versa.

The Monaco Government said that this represents real progress for Italy and the Principality after more than five years of discussion.

The increased use of teleworking will create many jobs in the coming years and will also help reduce road traffic, which will contribute to the protection of the environment, improve the quality of life, with in particular a reduction in the time spent on transport, freeing up time for personal life.

This is a positive agreement for both countries: – for Monaco, it will help the development of business activity and will generate new tax revenue and social contributions; – for Italy, this is an additional possibility of hiring transalpine residents in the Principality.

Photo caption: Andrea Orlando, Italian Minister of Labor and Social Policies (seated on the left), HE Pierre Dartout, Minister of State (seated on the right), HE Giulio Alaimo, Italian Ambassador to Monaco (standing left), Didier Gamerdinger, Minister of Social Affairs and Health (behind HE the Minister of State) and Laurent Anselmi, Minister of External Relations and Cooperation (standing, right).

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Monaco Government Press Service PHOTO: Manuel Vitali