Scorpio Pool and Monaco based Sea World Management (SWM) decided to join together on a vintage Pool, focused on one sector: Only handysize tankers over 15 years old, Hellenic Shipping News reports.

The Handy Plus Pool has been established to target the Handymax fleet with a “vintage profile” but at the same time being operated at the highest standards.

Both partners, with the ageing global Handymax fleet combined with minimal replacement in the pipeline, consider this to be a sector with a lot of opportunities which will be targeting the niche trades this size caters to, with a special focus in transporting both petroleum products and edible oil.

SWM joins in as the founding member of the Handy Plus Pool and initially will be placing their vessels: Rolls I 40k dwt 2005 China, SW Monaco 40k dwt 2004 HMD, Duke I 40k dwt 2002 HMD and SW Julia I 40k dwt 2003 HMD into the pool and follow it up with the other Handymax size ships in their fleet.

“We are extremely pleased – Ugo Romano, the Scorpio Pool Director, underlines – to have started a cooperation with SWM and we both expect to grow this pool organically and rapidly in the next few months”.

The same positive remarks were expressed by Roberto Corvetta, SWM Ceo. “We are very motivated – emphasised – to have found a partner who shares in our values and outlook for a handy tanker market recovery”. The combination of Scorpio Group’s global presence and SWM’s technical expertise offers a strong platform that can be leveraged to the advantage of many other shipping companies, and we hope to attract new members in this asset class in quick succession”.

In fact this partnership has to be considered just the first step towards a larger operation involving other companies operating in the same sector.