Following our report that all the passengers arriving on a UK flight at the weekend were bussed to a coronavirus testing centre on arrival, several readers contacted NEWS.MC to tell of their own experiences flying into Nice Airport from the UK in recent weeks.
The picture that emerges is that not all incoming UK flights are being singled out for coronavirus checks on arrival.

Gilbert said: “Tests are being made on a random basis on other flights as well: Brussels is one of them. Very annoying.”

Peter pointed out that he had recently arrived in Nice on British Airways and the flight was only half-full.

Paula responded: “I think the French are so bitter with the UK. They have done so well (the UK) with vaccinations and consequently now are in a very enviable position with Covid. It is not the Brits who should be having testing from UK but the real worry is in France where it is difficult to see how they are going to get a grip on it. French won’t have the vaccine and with the huge numbers daily they are talking about opening up!  Well good luck with that one then!”

Wendy added: “We arrived two weeks ago from London. Unnecessary experience.”

Josephine wrote: “I landed in Nice From Dubai via Zurich with a PCR test which I was asked to take travelling from Dubai then to Zurich… when I arrived in Nice, no one asked me to show a test!”