As part of centenary celebrations, the Prince Pierre Foundation has brought historian Georges Vigarello to the Théâtre des Variétés on Monday, April 12, for a retrospective of the contributions of Prince Albert I of Monaco in the field of hygiene during the 20th century.

Vigarello, who specialises in the history of hygiene and health, will take visitors on a discovery of the reign of Prince Albert 1. Starting at the beginning of the 20th century, Prince Albert responded to poor health conditions and developing ideas with the inauguration of a spa for scholarly research.

Twelve years down the line, at the inaugural Congress of Monaco in 1920, the sovereign leader denounced poorly controlled “industrial operations”, and insisted on research as a principle of well-being and progress.

The story goes on, and in much greater detail, so those interested should attend or tune in. The event will begin at 16:30 and is free to attend, but reservations must be made here. Don’t worry of you cannot make it, as the foundation will upload the speech to its youtube channel and Facebook page.

Featured image: Prince Albert 1