Created on the occasion of Monaco Ocean Week 2019, the Monaco Commission on Human Health and Ocean Pollution is chaired by Professor Patrick Rampal (Monaco Scientific Center ), Professor Philip Landrigan (Boston College) and led by Dr Hervé Raps (CSM). This Commission is made up of scientists representing research cenrers and international organisations.

Between 2019 and 2020, the Commission supervised the work of 44 scientists from 18 different countries which led to the “Report on Ocean Pollution and Human Health”, presented at the International Symposium “Human Health & the Ocean in a Changing World” in December 2020.

The report highlights the impacts of pollutants, whether of chemical or organic origin, on human health and the possible solutions to limit the pollution of the oceans. The Monaco Commission on Human Health and Ocean Pollution met again, on the occasion of Monaco Ocean Week 2021, on Wednesday March 24.

This working meeting gave its members the opportunity to present their scientific news and to work jointly on the application of the “Monaco Declaration on Human Health and Ocean Pollution.”

At the end of the meeting, a public presentation of the Report and the Declaration de Monaco was made by Professor Landrigan. This speech was broadcast on the Monaco Ocean Week website. The “Report on Human Health and Ocean Pollution”, prefaced by HSH Prince Albert II, accompanied by the Monaco Declaration, can be downloaded at this address: https: // The Monaco Declaration can be downloaded separately via this link:

ORIGINAL SOURCE & PHOTO: Monaco Government Press Service