The Monaco Government has been committed to incentivising the purchase of electric vehicles for the last 25 years, with the objectives of improving the quality of the air and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Traffic accounts for one-third of emissions in Monaco.

As part of its Economic Recovery Plan, the Government will continue to support car and motorcycle dealerships in the Principality while accelerating the transition to electric-powered cars.

There are four criteria: The vehicle must be bought in Monaco; Emissions must be ess than 60 g/km of CO2; the purchase price (excluding options) must be less than 50,000 euros, tax included; The car must be ordered before June 30, 2021.

Nearly 950,000 euros have so far been allocated out of a total of five million since November 2020.

Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Infrastructure, Environment and Town Planning, pointed out that electric and hybrid vehicles represent nearly eight percent of the total number of cars registered in Monaco. She added that “the Recovery Plan can be an incentive for those who want to take the step towards electricity, I encourage them to do so.”

The amount of financial help available operates on a sliding scale, with 100-percent electric models attracting the highest figure.

FILE PHOTO: An all-electric Renault model