Statistics published by Monaco’s police force earlier this week show a year-on-year fall in most types of crime, a trend that is also reflected in most kinds of financial infractions.

There was a very sharp fall in thefts involving bank cards, down from 28 in 2019 to just three in 2020. Crimes involving cheques also fell, from 23 incidents in 2019 to 19 last year.

Enquiries by SICCFIN, the specialised body responsible for investigating wrongdoing by financial institutions, numbered 344 in 2020, compared to 355 in 2019, while investigations into money-laundering stood at 188 last year compared to 167 in 2019.

Burglaries numbered 16, with one attempted last year, compared to 20 and five attempts in 2019. No car thefts were reported, whereas in the previous five years there had been between one and four each year.

Drunken driving offences fell by 32 percent over the year, while possession of drugs bucked the general trend with a 17 percent increase.

SOURCE & ILLUSTRATION: Several groups of burglars were arrested during 2020 Monaco Police Department