Monaco’s crime rate fell sharply in 2020, Police Chief Richard Marangoni reported on Tuesday, February 16.

Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, 24,415 interventions were made, leading to the imposition of 5,116 fines for offences such as not wearing a face mask in designated areas.

Overall, crime was down 19 percent over 2019, from 889 to 712 incidents, with traffic offences down 33 percent to 60 from 90.

Mr Marangoni also pointed out that the Monaco Sûreté Publique now has 88 female officers out of a total of 580, compared to five out of 338 in 1984.

More details will follow in a further article on Wednesday, February 17.

ILLUSATRATION: From the Sûreté Publique press briefing at the Oceanographic Museum on February 16